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Membership Categories                                                                        

Membership is divided into two categories

1. FULL Membership - for owners of genuine GTR and XU-1's who live in NZ

    Owner to provide proof of model, type and Vehicle ID
    Original body work as close to factory as possible
    Original interior as close to factory as possible
    Further criteria may be applied by the Commitee in accordance with the 'Club' Constitution and Rules
    Considered a Financial Member for voting privileges
    Receive a welcoming Club Windscreen Banner   

2. ASSOCIATE Membership - Anyone with an interest in LC or LJ Toranas but who does not have a genuine GTR or XU-1

    Considered a Financial Member but does not have voting rights.

     Entitled to purchase Club Merchandise at Member prices.



Membership Fees

Membership Type 1st Year Subsequent years
Apply for Full $50 $50
Apply for Associate $25 $25

GTR and XU-1 Owners Club of NZ

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