Paul's LC GTR

Paul's LC GTR
 Year  1971
Make and Model LC GTR
Colour Matt Black, original colour is Daytona Bronze
Wheels and Tyres 14x7 Hotwires
Car History

 Paul bought this car in 1988, had it for 3 years then sold it to his mate who proceeded to pull it down for a rebuild. It sat in the shed in pieces for the next 18years untill Paul bought it back again in 2009 and rebuilt it.

Has a Blue 202 with 30/70 cam, Yella Terra head with Port Matched Triple 45 Webbers and MSD ignition.

Toyota P51 Gearbox.

Banjo Fine Spline LSD.

Bilstein shocks and Lovell Super low Springs.

XU-1 front end with brakes running electric vacuum pump and tank.

70ltr Drop Tank.

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