GTR XU-1 Owners Club of NZ

The 'GTR and XU-1 Owners Club of NZ' was established in June 2006 with a primary focus of ownership and preservation of original examples of what has to be a true classic of the 1970's, the LC and LJ Torana.

We aim to assist members to preserve and/or restore their vehicles and to provide assistance with information, on originality of vehicles and sourcing parts.

You do not need to be an owner of a GTR or XU-1 to become a member. Membership is also open to enthusiasts and general fans of the cars as Associate members. Further information is available on our Membership page.

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What we offer Members

We provide information relating to the GTR and GTR XU1 Toranas. If you need to know something, in most cases we will be able to provide an answer, or at least put you in touch with someone who can assist you.

Parts & Cars Wanted or For Sale!  Be notified  as soon as we are aware of parts or cars for sale. Our newsletter will also have a section offering parts for sale, or if you need to locate a specific part, you can advertise to try and locate the part that you require.

Club Activities Show and shines, barbecues and special events are organised throughout the year to bring everyone together for some family fun, swap meets, networking and showing off the vehicles.

Newsletter produced on a quarterly basis which contains articles such as reprints from magazines, technical articles, history of vehicles, member profiles and much, much more.

Associations: The New Zealand 'GTR and XU-1 Owners Club of NZ' is an affiliated club and we have links to other clubs.